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After graduating from Art College with a Foundation Degree in Applied Arts. I have decided to focus on textiles and creating textile art, using a range of media and surface embellishments. I have recently started a two year course which is focused on design and stitched textiles worked and embroidered by hand and on the sewing machine. I love the mix of traditional and contemporary elements, as I love the history of embroidery and stitches and enjoy sampling and experimenting with them to make them contemporary. Living near to Durham City I am close to endless sources of inspiration to use in my work. Please note all text and images are subject to copyright © Emma Mears

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Heading for the summer...

College is almost finished now.  The end of year shows have been so inspiring and stunning displays of all our hard work - the whole college was alive with creativity and inspiring work. 
I did finally make a whole table linen range for my final project and also other functional items such as tea towels, using my own designs from sketches and free machine embroidery, and used the heat transfer press to create and finalise them.  The table runner and matching napkin were finished and embellished with some gorgeous hand stitching.  I also have a buyer for my tea towels!
I also made some beautiful silver jewellery, a fairytale house pendant, supplied on a silver torque and also a fairytale tree brooch, again both were finished with hand stitches such as cross stitch and my favourite stitch the french knot!  I also added to my 'Home Sweet Home' range by making some cover buttons with my own designs and hand stitches and beads.  I also 'recycled' an old woollen blanket to make a range of felt 'fairytale cottage' brooches as part of my bread and butter range - as I wanted to make something beautiful for everyone at all ends of the market and for all ages too!
My slip cast vases worked out really well too and to compliment and complete the Home Sweet Home range, I used my machine embroidered designs to decorate the surface of the vases, having the design made into a 'decal' which I think looked professional and therefore, a good final result.  I was really pleased with my range of work which was inspired by the phrase 'home sweet home' and the use of lettering and hand embroidery within the old fashioned Victorian 'sampler'.  I was also inspired by my own surroundings, my home and my favourite, functional,  household objects, such as my iron and ironing board, my retro kettle, cutlery and an old flowery teapot! Of which all became a modern day sampler and a modern take on the old fashioned sampler. 
The whole project has been exhausting, but I have again loved every minute - from learning mitred corners to working with a very naughty one piece mould! 
I am looking forward to really getting into my Summer 'Visual' project, which is all about mapping out my Summer holiday by drawing and soaking up my surroundings!