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After graduating from Art College with a Foundation Degree in Applied Arts. I have decided to focus on textiles and creating textile art, using a range of media and surface embellishments. I have recently started a two year course which is focused on design and stitched textiles worked and embroidered by hand and on the sewing machine. I love the mix of traditional and contemporary elements, as I love the history of embroidery and stitches and enjoy sampling and experimenting with them to make them contemporary. Living near to Durham City I am close to endless sources of inspiration to use in my work. Please note all text and images are subject to copyright © Emma Mears

Thursday, 2 February 2012

...I made it...

All finished, polished, drilled and stitched... and handed in, my last brief is now a thing of the past and I await my fate - my marks! What a journey it has been...but worth it when you get such positive and lovely comments from your tutors and colleagues.  Thanks to Emma, my tutor who during our 'critique' said I had made my acrylic jewellery pieces 'my own', what a lovely compliment, it's boosted my confidence no-end. 
I did say that my brief was a thing of the past, ...only I am very inspired by what I have learned and made and the outcome and I would love to continue making my jewellery and developing it further.  As I said before,  it has all been inspired by images of disease, plant and human cells - seen under the microscope.  What is weird and great is since doing this 'brief', I have learned about the  'Festival Pattern Group' who in 1951 for the Festival of Britain, designed and made textiles, wallpapers, ceramics and more, inspired by x-ray crystallography.  It was a huge success at the time and I am really excited about the prospect of using this to inspire me to create my own 1950s style 'contemporary' textiles and prints and ceramic collectio,n perhaps?  The Festival of Britain theme has also initiated the idea of me doing my dissertation propsal around this idea. The other exciting part is the fact that many of the fabrics and textiles were printed onto 'the then new' - rayons and nylons which were produced and invented by ICI - not sure if this links with ICI local to me, but I will research and find out!
Well, I am now starting to research a new brief, we have been told to think about happiness, what makes us happy and the places, people, objects which make us happy.  I have already been to my happy place last weekend, Masham, North Yorkshire and visited my favourite Suncatcher's Cafe had my 'Spicy Bean Burger' and then visited The Gallery, Masham, that's all I need to get me to a happy place, although I could not get any Becky Crow earrings at the gallery, they had sold out, but that's great for Becky and great for Josie.  So, I will go and sketch my favourite bits of Masham!  Oh, and thanks to the City and Guilds Felting Group who put on a fab display and exhibition, I am inspired with felting again and it was lovely to see Thelma - my felt tutor!  'Till the next time...bye for now and thanks xxx