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After graduating from Art College with a Foundation Degree in Applied Arts. I have decided to focus on textiles and creating textile art, using a range of media and surface embellishments. I have recently started a two year course which is focused on design and stitched textiles worked and embroidered by hand and on the sewing machine. I love the mix of traditional and contemporary elements, as I love the history of embroidery and stitches and enjoy sampling and experimenting with them to make them contemporary. Living near to Durham City I am close to endless sources of inspiration to use in my work. Please note all text and images are subject to copyright © Emma Mears

Monday, 26 March 2012


finding my happy place

...where to find happiness?...it's all around me...it's just noticing it and catching snippets of it...and remembering it...realising it.  This is my new brief, however I have been working on it for some time now.  To get me started, I jumped head first into drawing...places and people - to draw connections with places...I don't know about you but if I find a place I like, I go back time and time again.  For me, those places are quite local to me - certainly in the North of England, as I love this part of the world.  Some of my favourite places are Saltaire, Masham and Jerveaux Abbey, York and Durham, they are all beautiful in their own way and are inspirational too.  I love taking a notebook with me when I visit places or go on holiday and so my notebooks - there are many - are a main focus - as I write lots of lists and quotes and ideas in them which I am going to use as inspiration and to hopefully create my pieces and designs.  For my products this time and this will be for my graduate degree show, I will be enamelling and perhaps etching in jewellery and in ceramics I am practising monoprinting techniques.  For textiles, I have not totally made up my mind, I am however really interested in making a piece of textile art with gorgeous embroidery... what I do know is that I want all of my products to link together and have a narrative, by sharing my notes and I suppose diaries about my journeys and travels, I will be able to achieve this...which is an exciting journey in itself...