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After graduating from Art College with a Foundation Degree in Applied Arts. I have decided to focus on textiles and creating textile art, using a range of media and surface embellishments. I have recently started a two year course which is focused on design and stitched textiles worked and embroidered by hand and on the sewing machine. I love the mix of traditional and contemporary elements, as I love the history of embroidery and stitches and enjoy sampling and experimenting with them to make them contemporary. Living near to Durham City I am close to endless sources of inspiration to use in my work. Please note all text and images are subject to copyright © Emma Mears

Friday, 18 May 2012

busy - busy - busy...

...well it's been really busy - I have had no time to blog - I am now finished my last project and will be completing my foundation degree in Applied Arts in June - then out into the world of self-employment.  Here are some sneaky pics of what I will be displaying at my degree show in June...x
                                                my enamel abstract and detail flower studies
felt and stitch brooches

detail of silver stylised 'aubretia' brooch

enamelled agapanthus 'study' mounted on waxed oak